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Ends and Pieces are GREAT!!

Ordered the variety pack and a couple of Ends and Pieces. Ends and Pieces work great for omelets, breakfast burritos or just something to nibble on. Good stuff.

The best!!

This is the best bacon! Once you try it you are hooked!!

Very delicious

It is the best pork chop I had and I work in the food industry

I'm not bacon this up!

To start with, Bierman Bacon offers great customer service and timely delivery, even during the holidays. I ordered the variety pack to share with friends and family during the holidays. Everyone loved them! All the flavors we have tried so far have been excellent.

Bacon - Cracked Pepper
joseph Brodsky
Bacon never tasted better

Such a wonderful experience to have bacon taste even better than it smells - yum!!!

Great Bacon

We love your bacon and appreciate your fast shipping. Being empty-nesters we don't each as much, as fast, as before, but will be ordering again. Would love super thick slices, if that's available?

Only bacon we buy

I used to like bacon, this made me love bacon. The Prime Rib is the family favorite but we love all of the flavors we have tried. This is our bacon of choice and it's super convenient getting it delivered to our door, delicious!

Bierman Bacon

This is fantastic Bacon and the company is very customer focused.

Excellent Taste...will buy again

This was my first time ordering the bacon and WOW, the taste was great! The taste wasn't overwhelming (like the ones in the stores) but just enough to enjoy. Make sure to try on a hamburger. Great Product!


This was awesome bacon. You can't go wrong with any flavor but I will say the Jalapeno and Cajun were my favorite and go well with bloody marys.

Absolutely Delicious

Over the holidays I ordered the Original flavor of the Bierman Bacon for my future son in law that is absolutely a bacon connoisseur. He raved about the flavor and the thickness every morning during his stay. I sent him home with the website address and confident he will become a regular customer.


I sent the 6lb variety pack to each of my sons and their families and they loved it. Had BLTs the next day and have been very creative with the variety of flavors. Jalepeno and Cajun were favorites!

Bacon - Prime Rib
Craig Manning
Finally thick good bacon

Eager to try the others

Bacon - Prime Rib
Doug and Monica
Awesome bacon!! We love it!

We love it!

Bacon - Cajun
Quentin Swanger
It's Bacon That's Just Built Different

I don't know what just happened to my taste buds – the cajun is absolutely amazing. I haven't tried the original yet, but with the other flavors, you can't fathom the experience until you've tried them.

Can't Stop Eating This Bacon

Knowing bacon isn't the healthiest of foods, naturally you try to limit yourself. Bierman Bacon makes that extremely hard to do! You just can't stop.

Deserving of Applause!

Have you ever applauded after taking a bite of food? No? Thought so. You will.

Just WON the Bacon Game!

It's really not even fair to other bacon. They don't even stand a chance! Actually, I feel kind of bad for them, but after having this bacon, how hard are they really trying?

So Delicious!

My entire family of 4 and next door neighbors enjoyed every strip of bacon! My favorite was the apple cinnamon and the prime rib bacon.

My wife loved the Jalapeño and Cajun bacon.
The neighbors loved the cracked pepper.

We mixed the apple cinnamon bacon with our brussel sprouts, such a great dinner!

Fantastic products!

Love this bacon. We are on our 2nd order and love having the different flavors!

Sample Pack: Try It All
Brian McDermott
Excellent so far

Was nice enough that someone sent me thus gift and so far it has been amazing. Loved the Cajun and the prime rib so far. Can’t wait to try the rest!!!

Bacon - Jalapeno
Jami De Jane
My Favorite

LOVE the Jalapeno Bacon. It is fabulous!!!

Best Bacon Ever

Bierman Bacon is first class and is now 100% our favorite bacon!
We had the Prime Rib flavor wrapped around asparagus tonight 🤤🤤

Best Bacon Ever!

Great quality and super flavorful bacon! Quick processing and delivery! Highly recommend!

Perfect for BLTs or Bacon Bugers

A great, meaty slice of heaven. I like to grill them, keeping the flavor, but cooking of the excess fat.