About Us

From the cut, to the texture, to the flavor … everything is perfect. You will love Bierman Bacon. Guaranteed or your money back!!

When Matt and I set out on this adventure, our goal was simple – to make great bacon. Little did we know that we were not only going to make amazing bacon, we were going to revolutionize bacon. I know, sounds crazy right? You just HAVE to try it and you will see. We wouldn’t guarantee satisfaction if we weren’t 8,000% certain of our bacon’s awesomeness!

Regarding the cut of our bacon, it isn’t thick cut, but it is a thicker cut. Thick cut bacon gets a little too chewy, kind of beef jerky-ish. We like to refer to our cut as “PERFECT CUT.”

On to the flavor – people always ask, “How do you get the bacon to have that much flavor.” Obviously, we can’t give away our secrets and simply say, “That’s for us to know and for you to enjoy.”

- Tim Bierman